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About Us

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Cooper Road USA's mission is to promote peace and unity in the Cooper Road community while accentuating the accomplishments of its proud past and proud people.


We are a registered 501c3 Nonprofit entity whose core focus is helping our community strive, with emphasis on creating relationships among its citizens in order to maintain a lifestyle of peace, love, happiness, and prosperity.

Cooper Road USA is a Nonprofit, 501c3 organization, based in the state of Louisiana. Our mission is to provide a vehicle of open dialogue and communication among its people in order to strengthen our ties to Cooper Road. We reach across all sectors of the community to include; Businesses Education, Religion, Sports & Entertainment, and Local & National Political Issues.

Cooper Road USA provides the commonplace for guidance in seeking assistance, supporting fundraising efforts, and raising awareness of important community issues. We look to be part of the positive pipeline that will work hand in hand with other nonprofit groups and agencies that provide opportunities for our youth and assistance for our elderly.


The Cooper Road, formerly known as the Sheehan Plantation, was formed around 1927-1928. Descendants from the Sheehan Family sold the land to Levy Cooper and J. R. Russell, who sold the red clay dirt land to blacks who worked the farms in the area. Other Blacks moved into the area and built homes. Over time, the community developed a process that led to the residents becoming self-sufficient.

The Cooper Road grew into the largest self-developed African American Community in the United States. Today is has the rare distinction of providing education from Pre-K to College without every leaving the community.

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